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11 years ago, I (Ryan) had a dream of opening a game store and being self-employed. It started with a $400 game lot from a local gentleman of NES games, along with adding in games that I had amassed for a few years in a cupboard. We sold some games online and made a few bucks, which let us buy a lot more items. We then expanded the operation to the garage, and left it set up for a while. Constantly we went out and actively hunted finds during that time. After a little more time, we expanded yet again to the local flea market, where each weekend we would set up tents and tables. Our wears were out on display for people to come and relive their childhood as they did previously with our collection. After 2 years of that, we traded in the tents and tables for a permanent building in the flea market. For over 4 years we stayed there and grew each year because of the awesome customers that kept coming back. Then in 2018, we opened a small shop in the Greeley mall, that was about 1000 sq ft. This is where things became a little rougher, with more overhead and being open 7 days a week. For almost 1 year straight, we both worked with no days off. However, there was some light at the end of the tunnel, and we were able to hire a long-time friend, you may know him as Spuddy or T-money, but to us he is Turner, and he was the saving grace. He let us take days off so we could not be so overwhelmed, and spend time with our children. He was doing such a great job, especially with his customer service skills and kindnessMeanwhile my wife who is the hardest worker of us all, Beth, she allowed a guy to live out a dream, with a growing family. She is the glue that keeps everything together. She trusted me so much, and I knew I could not let her down. After the first year of working with us, we invited T-money in March of 2020 to become a partner, and he decide to join us for the ride. We secured a new space, which is the one we are currently in. A 4000 sq foot behemoth that you all know today. We once again would like to take the time to thank you our customers for the help and support in getting this small family business where it is today and look forward to the next 10 years .
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