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7 Day Repair Guarantee

We will fix any issues that happened unless user damage or misuse was determined to be the cause of the issue.
Some carts may be minty, have cosmetic issues and/or damage, however this will not affect game play.
Items that are determined not authentic will be noted in the description.

30 Day Console Repair Guarantee

A 30 day Repair Guarantee is offered on all of our systems if you feel something happens to the purchased system within 30 days of purchasing.
This warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of said item (drops, spills, etc).
Once systems have been purchased and have left the store, there are no refunds or exchanges offered.
All systems have been inspected and gone through for repairs if necessary, and have been tested, cleaned and reset by staff. Each system additionally have a unique serial number that it is associated with.
If a serial number sticker has evidence of being tampered with, removed, or the system has been opened, we will not service it and the 30day warranty will be void.

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