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Disclosure: Due to the nature of the card world any cards bought are non-returnable for any reason. This includes Singles, Packs, Boxes, Boosters or any other card related item. Just like any card that is given a grade these are subjective and individual and are our best estimate at a grade if one is given in title. Please do not buy unless you are ok knowing that our grade maybe higher or lower than yours. All items are new sealed and real unless stated otherwise. All pictures are stock photos and not the actual item but just a representation of what you will be receiving.

Disclosure: All statues are brand name not reproductions unless stated otherwise. All statues are new with box unless stated otherwise. All pictures are stock and photos and not the actual items but just a representation of the one you will receive. All statues either come sealed or if it is our last one it is our case model and it has been taken from the box gently and assembled one time and kept in a closed case. If it is the last one this one will be shipped to you if you do not want the case one, please send us a message before purchasing to make sure we have multiples left. These messages are answered last and the item in question may sell before we respond.

Disclosure: All consoles come with a 30-day repair guarantee this does not cover drops spills or misuse. We do not offer ANY REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON THESE ITEMS. We test and repair these as needed. Please note we try to catch everything but sometimes things get by the best of us we will remedy the issue. Please do not remove any stickers or warranty stickers or damage them in anyway as this will void your warranty. We mark and record all pertinent information from all consoles sent out. All images used are stock photos only and represent the similarity of said item. We do not guarantee less or no scratches, scuffs, Yellowing, small chips or dings these are normal wear and tear.

Disclosure: All video games are in working condition and if you get one that does not work must notify us with 7 days of receipt. We mark and note all games going out we do not do refunds or exchanges on games if they do not work, we will resurface them or repair them if we are notified in the 7 days from the day you received the items. We put marks on all disks and carts if any of these marking is missing or altered no repair will be done and you will be responsible for returned shipping to you. We test all games when we receive them. Before you send us an email, please try our troubleshooting for cart games. Take a cotton swab with high proof alcohol and rub across pins until no black comes off then try cartridge again. Repeat at least two times before determining it is not functioning as these games get dirty even after we clean them and put them in bags. All pictures are for display purposes only and are not the exact copy you will receive. We guarantee you will get a legitimate copy of the game you purchased unless stated in the title, but we do not guarantee condition labels maybe worn and or damaged missing some of it or have sticker residue or stickers we cannot remove on them. These are normal wear and tear and will not be refunded or exchanged. They also may have small damage and may have yellowing or color discoloration on them, but it will not affect the game play. Disk games have a case and artwork unless stated disk only.

Disclosure: All pins are new unless stated used in the title meaning it was bought from a customer and has been opened before. There are no refunds or exchanges on pins.
MISCELLANEOUSE APPAREL - Disclosure: All apparel is new never worn unless stated used. We do not accept refunds or exchanges on these items.
HOTWHEELS/PEZ – Disclosure:  All Hotwheels and Pez are sold as is and in varying condition and shapes but they are new unopened unless stated in title . Picture are reference only.
BOARDGAMES – Disclosure: All Boardgames are new unopened unless stated otherwise and if they are used all pieces necessary to play the game are included unless stated otherwise. Pictures are for reference only and are non-returnable for refund or exchange.

Disclosure: ABSOULUTLY NO REFUNDS OR EXHCAGES FOR ANY REASON. Due to the fact we put in the pre- orders and tell our distributor we want this many more than we were going to get because we have guaranteed sales, so these are not cancellable for any reason unless our distributors are unable to fulfill at all. Most pre orders are at a discounted price due to you ordering before the release almost always will products go up in price after they release. All preorders that go up will have a ESTIMATED release date. Now this is just a estimate and may be much longer due to shipping and item shortages across the world. Please do not buy if you expect to have it the second the first one is released.  Our distributor gives us a date and that is the date we use but many times especially the last year these times have fallen well short due to the pandemic so please keep this in mind. Pictures are for reference only and are not the exact product you will receive.
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