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The Most Funko Pops In Colorado

Funko Pops, what are they? Those fun little vinyl bobble heads that bring everyone joy. Anything you can image, there is almost always a Funko Pop for it. Currently, we have over 15,000 Funko Pops in stock, the most in all of Colorado. Each month we buy and sell thousands of Funko Pops. It's always tons of fun to see the different ones that come through the door.

It's even more fun when new customers come into the store and say, "those little things are so dumb." Then as they browse along the wall, they always find one pop that they end up liking. That's because there truly is something for everyone, no matter the age. That's what one of the best parts of our job is, is seeing people's faces light up discovering something new. 

Everyone at the store collects pops, which makes it extremely fun to discuss with customers. Turner collects Ugly Dolls and Batman. Those Batman's definitely add up as they keep coming out with more. However, he's trying to narrow them down and only go for the ones he truly likes, or are grails.

Beth collects everything horror, and has one of the most impressive horror collections you can imagine. Any grail and common she has. Currently, she is only missing one pop to finish off her collection. Her pride and joy is her Unmasked Jason Voorhees that is signed!!!

Finally, Ryan collects Dragon Ball. Everything from the coveted Planet Arlia Vegeta, to the commons he has. It's always fun seeing the walls at their house and all the pops around. Solid orange with all the Dragon Ball, and the fun horror characters. 

Our staff collects everything from Marvel, to Anime, to Disney, to just everything out there. If you happen to swing by the store, definitely ask us about our collections and we'd love to hear about yours! If you're new to Funko Pops, be warned, once you start with one, usually a lot more tend to follow.

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