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  • The Most Funko Pops In Colorado

    The Most Funko Pops In Colorado
    Funko Pops, what are they? Those fun little vinyl bobble heads that bring everyone joy. Anything you can image, there is almost always a Funko Pop for it. Currently, we have over 15,000 Funko Pops in stock, the most in all of Colorado. Each month we buy and sell thousands of Funko Pops. It's always tons of fun to see the different ones that...
  • Welcome To Pop2Games

    Welcome To Pop2Games
    11 years ago, I (Ryan) had a dream of opening a game store and being self-employed. It started with a $400 game lot from a local gentleman of NES games, along with adding in games that I had amassed for a few years in a cupboard. We sold some games online and made a few bucks, which let us buy a lot more items. We then expanded the operation to the garage, and left it set up for a while....
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